About of SBMA

Steel Building Manufacturers Association of Bangladesh has started it’s journey on 9th October in 2012. Engr. Md. Akkas Ali, Managing Director of Multi-Concept Steel Building Products Ltd. is the Founder President of SBMA.

In 2004 and idea came from Engr. Akkas Ali to form an association for Steel Building Manufacturers. He thought without an association Steel Building Manufacturers could not to properly reach their ultimate goal. Then he made contact with Lee Tsai Steel Ltd. He got there Mr. Tofael Ahmed Tapan, General Manager of Lee Tsai Steel Ltd. and his Managing Director Mr. Shamsul Haque Mollah.

He disseminate his idea to them to form an association for the benefit of the companies involved in this business. Mr. Tofael Ahmed Tapan took a good initiative on behalf of Lee Tsai Steel Ltd. for this mater. Once they met other member companies at Golden Chimney Restaurant ground floor of Engr. Akkis Ali’s office Sonar Tori Tower at Bangla Motor. Initially Mr. Shamsul Haque Mollah was kind enough to sponsor some meeting. After 2/3 meeting a committee has been formed to geting registration for this association from Ministry of Commerce.

Engr. Akkas Ali was the convener of the committee and Engr. HM Jahidul Islam of ALM Steel Building Technology Ltd., member Secretary. They took an initiative to prepare the Memorandum and Articles of the Association. Regarding the preparation of document Lat Mr. Seraj Ahmed Chowdhury of McDonald Steel Building Products Ltd., gave an effective an excellent affords. Advocate Mr. Mosrarrof Hossain was appointed for preparing the Memorandum and Articles. They also met several times at Arambag office, Dhaka. During preparation of the documents suddenly Advocate Mr. Mosarrof died. Due to this registration process had been disrupted. Then they met with Honorable Minister Col. Faruk Khan, Minister for Commerce. But he refused to give registration as because the member of association was only 22 and it was only Dhaka based not all over the Bangladesh like other association. After couple of month GM Kader got the charge of Commerce Ministry. Then they again made an approach to the present Minister. At last they were able to convince the honorable Minister the importance of this association. Honorable Minister gave his consent to get registration as Government registered association in Bangladesh. After that the memorandum and articles of association came into focus in 9th October 2012. Initially 22 stackholders were listed in the memorandum and articles. Engr. Md. Akkas Ali acted as president and Engr. HM Jahidul Islam as Secretary from 2008 to 2014.

From 2004 to 2008 SBMA’s meetings were held in Sonar Tori Tower at Bangla Motor. This place was also the office of Engr. Md. Akkas Ali.
Then the SBMA office had been shifted to Mohakhali DOHS, House No. 472, Road No. 31. The space of new office were not enough for accomoding the all members and facilities were not upto the requirement. All members decided to shift the association office at a suitable area. After that it has been shifted at present location 4 years back. The location is House no. 59, Flat No, C-5, Road No. 1, Block-I, Banani, Dhaka-1213.

To get registration those who were extended their necessary supports they are Engr. Md. Zakir Hossain Sarker, Managing Director, Sarker Steel Ltd. Mr. Tofeal Ahmed Tapan, Managing Director, AA Steel Ltd. Engr. Md. RezwanulMamun, Managing Director, Steelmark Buildings Ltd., Engr. HM Jahidul Islam, Managing Director, ALM Steel Building Technologies Ltd. Engr, Abu Noman Howdader, Managing Director, Bangladesh Building Systems Ltd., and Engr. AsadulHaque, Managing Director, Three Dots Ltd., Mr. Saidul Islam, Director, Steel Frame Solution Ltd., Managing Director, Steel Frame Solution Ltd., Mr. Majedul Islam, Managing Director, Steel Frame Solution Ltd., Mr. ShamsulAlam, Managing Director, Haque Engineering Ltd., Mr. Harun or Rashid, Proprietor, M/S. Harun Corporation and Mr. Humayum Huda, Managing Director, Benifix Steel Building Development Ltd. also extended their necessary supports.2012

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